Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
Labor Day is the end of summer and this morning as I was getting ready for work, the tv news shows talked about how it is now the home stretch for the Presidential campaign.  This provoked two simultaneous reactions in me—thank goodness it’s almost over and how do I decide who to vote for?  On OCTOBER 2nd Our Lady of Grace will Host Jason Adkins, the Executive Director of the MN Catholic Conference who will speak on voting your conscience. Jason is an exceptional speaker who can help us sort out the issues and understand the role each person’s conscience plays in electoral decisions since no party follows our Roman Catholic values perfectly—or sometimes even well. As important as the Presidential races are, the Minnesota races have a significant impact on our lives as well.  To help us make informed decisions, the Catholic Advocacy Network sent out a series of questions for our Minnesota state candidates.  Here’s just one of them: “Non-public schools help kids from low-income families beat the odds by providing them with a quality education. But financial barriers prevent the very kids who would benefit most from non-public schooling from being able to attend.  Do you support or oppose legislation that would provide a tax credit to businesses and individuals who make donations to scholarship granting organizations?”  Think about which answer might be important to you.  That is actually Something to Think about.