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September 2018

A Whole Month of Liturgical Content on!

September 4 - St. Teresa of Kolkata

Study: 33 Days to Morning Glory, Week 3: St. Teresa of Calcutta
Watch: Mother Teresa
Read: Love: A Fruit Always in Season

September 8 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Study: The Bible and the Virgin Mary, Lesson 9: Full of Grace
Study: Symbolon: Knowing the Faith, Session 9: Mary and the Saints
Escuchar: El Ave María y la Oración*

September 14 - Exhalation of the Holy Cross

Listen: Stations of the Cross
Read: Saint Helena and the True Cross

September 15 - Our Lady of Sorrows

Listen: Drawing Strength from Our Lady of Sorrows

September 18 - St. Joseph of Cupertino

Watch: The Reluctant Saint

September 21 - St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Read: Mystery of the Kingdom
Listen: The Gospel of Matthew

September 23 - St. Padre Pio

Study: Symbolon: Living the Faith, Session 4: Penance and Anointing of the Sick
Watch: Padre Pio: Miracle Man
Ver: Padre Pío Entre el Cielo y la Tierra

September 26 - Bl. Pope Paul VI

Watch: Paul VI: The Misunderstood Pope
Read: Humanae Vitae

September 29 - Ss. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

Watch: Power and Dominions
Read: Angels (and Demons): What Do we Know About Them?
Listen: Lectio Divina
Escuchar: La Autoridad de la Biblia*


*Available in Spanish