Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
I suspect that this week many Minnesotans are like me and feel the violence and turmoil of the world hitting close to home.  The Wetterling family is preparing the memorial service for Jacob.  St. Cloud mall was literally ripped by violence over the weekend and bombs went off in New York City within a few hours of one another.  How do we respond to these situations that shake our sense of safety?  When confronted with violence so close to home it becomes difficult to pretend that we are in a safe, protected cocoon.  I wonder if we need different laws, stronger laws, to punish those who harm children in any way, would they prevent tragedies like Jacob’s?  I truly don’t know whether harsh punishments deter crime, but most of the time I don’t think the criminal believes he or she will get caught—so will that do any good?  As a Catholic, I oppose the death penalty, and besides in St. Cloud, nobody (thank God!) was killed by the stabbings.  Do we need to make our country more inclusive and provide more opportunities so that there will be less disaffected youth?  Do we need to tighten our immigration laws?  But what about those people who grew up in the US?  Do we ignore the First Amendment and ban Muslims? There are so many questions without clear answers right now.  But, I invite you to come hear Jason Adkins talk about forming our consciences so that we can vote in accordance with them. He’s speaking here on Oct 2nd after the 9:30 Mass. Please attend—Something to think about.