Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
As I watched the Presidential debate last night, I was struck by their different vision of our country today.  I think it likely that both of them want a safe, prosperous, and just country in the future, although how they achieve that will vary greatly.  But, I’m not going to talk about the candidates, but rather about some of the issues, many of which weren’t addressed at all last night.  As Catholics, we believe in the sanctity of human life.  This is an important and very broad issue.  If life begins at conception, do we have the right to end that life?  Catholic Social Teaching says no and the Church has been loud and clear in opposition to abortion.  But how do the parties treat the newborn and a family in financial or medical need?  Do they support programs that help that family to thrive or simply survive?  How do the parties treat access to our health care system?  Or those who need or want to enter the US for political or economic reasons?  How do they propose treating those who are elderly or seriously ill?  Does either party view the end of life as sacred? What are your views on the importance of post-secondary education and college debt? Does either party advocate policies that support that view?  Or what about policies on our veterans—what do they deserve after serving our country?  No election is ever completely clear cut and this one certainly isn’t, but the complexity of the issues doesn’t relieve us of our obligation to participate in the election. So, if you aren’t already registered to vote, please do so.  AND come hear Jason Adkins this weekend as he offers us guidance on how to view the issues from our Catholic perspective.  Something to think about.