Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes I’m just slow to understand what God wants of me.  Recently I’ve had two friends talk to me about how their teen and twenty-something children (really young adults) have sought and found ways to serve God and build His Kingdom.  I’ve seen the enthusiasm they talked about here with our teens in Mission Home. These people understand that service to others is a path to joy and fulfillment in addition to bringing them closer to God.  What a wonderful thing.  They are searching for ways that are meaningful to them, places to put their idealism and skills to work in service of others. What a great thing!  Sometimes they listen to a homeless woman explain about the challenges and dangers in her life without flinching and they come away from that encounter more determined to work on ending homelessness.  And while they are idealistic, they’re not blind to the impact of individual choices among the hungry and homeless, but they are willing to help. I’m grateful and somewhat envious of that. Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he told us to become childlike, to see things with fresh eyes and forget the obstacles that adults are mindful of.  I encourage each of us to look at one problem through the eyes of somebody who doesn’t know how hard the problem is. Give that problem to God and see how He sends us solutions. Something to think about.