Something to Think About

Next weekend is the Fourth of July, the day when our country pauses to remember those brave men and women who were willing to sacrifice so much to be free.  They weren’t seeking no government, they were seeking a voice in how the country was governed.  As I listen to the debates surrounding the presidential election this year, I believe that voice is still important and that’s is why our elections can be so contentious.  But I believe that most people who seek public office have the general good in mind and are sincere in their belief that their ideas will benefit the country.  As we look at the candidates, it might be a good thing to examine Catholic Social Teaching for guidance.  As Catholics, we believe in the inherent dignity of each human person with rights and responsibilities that come from that personhood and from belonging to a community.  We believe that all people have a right to participate in the life of the community, and we believe that each one of us is a beloved child of God, saved by grace.  If we remember these things, our elections might be less rancorous, but certainly, our communities would be much stronger.  Something to think about.

—Melissa Miller