Something to Think About

For the last 3 years, I have worked with our youth ministers on a wonderful program called “Mission Home.”  Rather than taking our young people on an international trip for service, we find places here in the Twin Cities that need project done that wouldn’t get done otherwise.  This past week, we went on a tour with St. Stephen’s Human Services called “A day in the life” where we follow a typical daily schedule of a homeless person.  This is the third year we’ve done this and no two days have been alike—itself a major change from a homeless person’s life.  If your child has participated in this, I expect that he or she came home bone tired from the walking and extremely appreciative of the dinner served that night.  I have been surprised by the warmth of the greetings and the openness of our hosts along with the care taken at the shelters and soup kitchens to ensure that all who came were treated with dignity and left full.  Of course, our experience isn’t the same as a homeless person—we came from a home with a comfortable bed, probably had the breakfast of our choice, make regular trips for needed medical and dental care, and perhaps most important of all; most of us have a strong support system to help us when we lose our way.  For these blessings and all other blessings we’ve received, I am truly grateful.  Something to think about

—Melissa Miller