About Our Sister Parishes

Here at Our Lady of Grace we are blessed with two vibrant sister parish relationships with St. Joseph’s in Mamponteng, Ghana, West Africa and San Maximiliano Kolbe in Coayaguela, Honduras.  The Sister Parish relationships promote equality and respect as well as broaden our knowledge of the people and cultures found within the Roman Catholic Church through sharing on spiritual, cultural, and economic levels.  These relationships have been growing for more than ten years as we have shared our lives and our faith with one another.  We have visited our Sister Parishes and they have visited us and we use Skype calls to communicate with our Honduran brothers and sisters.   As a result of the sister parish relationships, we are more aware of the economic and political conditions in Ghana and Honduras.  By sharing our faith, it grows stronger and our awareness that we are part of a universal Church is strengthened.

Over the years, as the relationships between Our Lady of Grace, St. Joseph’s in Mamponteng, Ghana and San Maximiliano Kolbe in Teguchigup, Honduras grew and became stronger, the parish formed “Sister Parish Committees” to help nourish these important relationships.  The only criteria for joining a sister parish committee is a belief that all share in the task of building the Kingdom of God.  The Sister Parish Committees typically meet once a month and plan events such as the Sister Parish Weekend, mission trips and fund raising opportunities for the benefit of our sister parishes.

Sister Parish Committees

Our sister parish committees are welcoming. There are no specific criteria for membership. You can join by attending the meetings and participating in any Sister Parish activities. We always welcome new perspectives. Even if you are not interested in attending meetings, we ask that you pray for us and for our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Ghana and Honduras.

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