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What IS a Discipleship Group? 

Most people who have been around a church for a while have a pretty good idea about what a small group is oooooor do they?

A Small Group is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of joining God’s mission.

- intentional gathering. This group of people agree to share life together. They plan where and when to meet and arrange their schedules to be there. They have a purpose for getting together.

- meets regularly. A small group has a regular meeting time and schedule. The groups know when to expect their next gathering.

- for the purpose of joining God’s mission. People in small groups desire to be formed as Christ’s disciples and as such they strive to join in God’s mission.

These groups take seriously practicing spiritual habits that form hearts and lives into being disciples of Jesus who live as His.
These groups are meant to help us learn, grow, and BECOME an intentional disciple for God.
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Discipleship Groups  

Peer Ministry Discipleship Groups: 

Each Peer Minister is expected to participate in a small faith-sharing groups allow us to share our faith with others and to grow together in community. Using prayer, shared experiences, and explorations of faith, this small group is something that will help you throughout all of High school!

Contact Veronica for more information 


Confirmation Discipleship Groups:

Come walk with our Confirmation candidates on Wednesday nights and help lead a small group! Peer Ministers will be matched up with a Discipleship Group Leader and help with small groups and share their experiences, as a peer, to help candidates connect Confirmation to their lives. Contact Sister Eileen for more information 


Middle school youth ministry meets on Wednesday’s and we need Peer Ministry to help make it a success! We need Peer Ministers to help implement the evenings, and build relationships with our younger pre‐teens who are looking for guidance from older and wiser youth. Contact Sister Eileen for more information.