Saint Joseph's Parish in Ghana

Our Lady of Grace began its relationship with St. Joseph’s Parish in 2003 when Pastor Robert Schwartz led a group there on a mission trip.  Since that first trip, more than 50 Our Lady of Grace parishioners have visited our sister parish.  Parishioners from Most Holy Trinity had begun visiting St. Joseph’s on mission trips in 2000, so when the parishes merged in 2011, it was only natural that the sister parish relationship continue.

Over the course of the sister parish relationship with St. Joseph, OLG parishioners have been nourished by the vibrant faith exhibited by our Ghanaian sisters and brothers.  Members of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph have grown to understand that despite the different cultures, we share many common values based on our shared Roman Catholic faith.  As we visited Mamponteng, Our Lady of Grace was able to meet some of the financial needs of the parish by working with our Ghanaian friends to improve their church, build a preschool, and complete other projects around the parish.  During discussions with St. Joseph’s parish leaders, the need for a Catholic high school was identified as the area’s most urgent need and in 2011 major donors came forward to provide financing and guidance for this significant project.  The new school, Our Lady of Grace High School was dedicated in 2013 and admitted its first class.

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