The Our Lady of Grace Parish Pastoral Council ("Parish Council") assists the Pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, coordinating and reviewing the mission and activities within in the parish and how they relate to the 5 pastoral pillars of hospitality, prayer, formation, generosity, and evangelization. The council consists of between ten and twenty members which may be elected by the Parish or appointed by the Pastor.

Meeting minutes can be found at the bottom of this page, and summaries are posted periodically in the weekly bulletin. Please do not hesitate to contact either David Cup, Chair, or Sarah Burgess, Vice-Chair, with any questions!

PPC Members

There are Three Main Objectives of the Parish Council

  • To assess adequately the needs of the whole parish and its members, and to assist the Pastor with his pastoral plans intended to promote the common good of the parish.

  • To foster unity and a sense of community in the parish and to help coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interests of the parish.

  • To promote programs and activities recommended by the Archbishop, Archdiocesan offices and agencies as well as the Pastor and Parish Council itself.

The Pastor with the support of the Parish Council is preeminently responsible for the advancement of the pastoral mission of the parish.  The pastoral mission is to create a Catholic community centered on Jesus Christ present in the celebration of the Eucharist and guided by the Holy Spirit and apostolic teaching authority and traditions of the universal Catholic Church.  Lifelong formation through worship, prayer, scripture, participation in the sacraments, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, active charity and justice and advancement of the common good glorifies God.  The chairperson of the Parish Council, with the concurrence of the Pastor, will assign each elected member (other than the chairperson) to chair or assist with an Area of Mission.  Each such member will be responsible for liaison, communication and review of the parish organizations, their needs, and activities within his or her assigned Area of Mission. 

Areas of Mission for the Parish Council

Mission for Evangelization

The Mission of Evangelization is the continuous process by which the Church strives to deepen the faith of those who believe and bring the Good News to those who do not believe.  Making Jesus Christ known and loved is the primary goal and is accomplished through all the other areas of mission.

Mission for Formation

The Mission of Formation includes all parish activities that seek to educate people in their faith, and the activities, which support and strengthen this process.  It includes operation and support of our parochial school and faith formation programs and for parish children not attending a Catholic school, and lifelong learning opportunities for all parishioners.

Mission for Pastoral Ministry

The mission of Pastoral Ministry concerns those who are in crisis, including ministry to families and to marriages, support in times of grief and job loss and attention to thefood and shelter needs of parishioners.

Mission for Liturgy

The Mission of Liturgy is to nourish and give direction to the liturgical and worship elements of the parish.  The liturgy is the summit toward whish the activity of the church is directed; at the same time, it is the font from whish all the Church’s power flows.

Mission for Social Concerns and Outreach

The Mission for Social Concerns and Outreach is a dynamic response to the Church’s call to address the issues and social concerns of our times.  This mission must challenge the institutions in our society to change when necessary in order that the dignity and rights of each person may be preserved.  Social concern and outreach must embrace both charity and advocacy.

Mission for Parish Life

The mission of Parish Life encompasses all the programs and activities that strengthen our sense of being a Christian community.  Parish Life fosters a sense of belonging among the members of the parish.

Mission for Parish Administration

The mission of Parish Administration is to oversee the administration and financial condition of the Parish, including all Parish property, its campus and buildings in terms of maintenance, development,  and financial vitality in order to provide a welcoming, hospitable environment to all parishioners.