About San Maximilliano Kolbe in Honduras

Our Lady of Grace has a close relationship with the Fransiscan parish of San Max in Honduras, having visited San Max many times and hosted the Friars and parishioners here. We began our relationship with San Max more than ten years ago at Most Holy Trinity and it has continued to grow since the parishes merged.  We collaborate on ministries that are important to both parishes, such as Pounds of Love, a food donation program that began with the San Max parishioners sharing out of their poverty which inspired Our Lady of Grace to also donate food for our neighbors in need.  We also participate in their Education Ministry primarily through donations to our Giving Trees during Advent. San Max administers the scholarships which may fund anything from tuition to shoes that allow a student to progress in his or her education.  We use the internet to stay in touch with our sisters and brothers in faith with semi-monthly meetings via Skype.

For more information about these ministries, please contact MelissaMiller@olgparish.org.  

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