What is Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos?

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) is a group of several orphanages in Latin American and the Caribbean.  These orphanages provide food, shelter and stability to hundreds of children who would otherwise be living in dire poverty.  One of the goals of NPH is family stability, so these children are not available for adoption and there is a strong emphasis in keeping siblings together. Because no children are adopted out of NPH homes, there is a great sense of stability and community in each home. OLG parishioners sponsor orphans which helps provide them with some of the necessities. Our visits there do more than help financially; they help with the emotional and spiritual health of the children. One parishioner tells that during a recent visit he watched a little boy build a LEGOS tower that he was very proud of. Unfortunately, another child knocked down that tower and the little boy was devastated. Our visitor was able to spend time with him and comfort him, giving him the loving attention of a parent that is often hard to come by in an institution.  Our youth ministry will go to NPH in Guatemala this August, not to work, but to build relationships with the children and to grow in love for one another.

At St. Maximilian Kolbe in Honduras, we help provide education and stability through Los Pequenos Hermanos. To read more about our relationship with St. Maximillian Kolbe visit our San Max Sister Parish page.