Beryl Schewe

Director of Pastoral Care

Phone: 952-929-3317 x9035

Beryl is responsible for Pastoral Care, including working with families in grief, helping plan funerals, serving as the staff liaison for Grief Support, Separated and Divorced Support, homebound ministers, long-term care communion services, and Stephen Ministry.

Beryl is an articulate, curious and faith-filled woman. She possesses a sense that there’s no such thing as a coincidence, and her life and work radiate gratitude. If you sat down for coffee with Beryl you’d discover her life is filled with “God-shots,” events that transformed her life and direction, events she describes as “the heavy hand of the Holy Spirit.”

She and her husband Steve have three adult children. Beryl has a Religion degree from Duke University, an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, a Masters of Divinity from St. John’s University and is a board certified chaplain. She completed her chaplain residency at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Beryl writes a “Spiritually Speaking” column for the Eden Prairie News, interviews prospective students for Duke, and is the author of the recently released book, Habits of Resilience.