LifeNight: November 29th

Greetings all!

Hope that your Thanksgiving was a great one, and that you got enough pie to eat!

Last night at LifeNight we decorated the Youth Room for Christmas! I (Veronica) was sick that night, BUT no worries! Ian and the youth had a TON of fun! 

AND YES! The Youth Room looks amazing! Lights, wreaths, and mangers make the whole space a Christmas wonderland!

Just as we have been getting the Youth Room ready for this Christmas Season- let's not forget about getting OURSELVES ready for Christmas! This Sunday don't forget to visit the Faith Formation Advent table in the Commons;  I invite you to pick an item from the table that will help you to reflect during this coming Advent time of waiting and expectation.

In particular I invite you as a family to get an Advent Wreath for your home! (These are available at the table as well) Last night Ian led the youth in a prayer with the"Youth Room Advent Wreath". This is a great way to pray each week as a family, and we are going to praying this each week with the Youth too! 

God bless!
Veronica Whelan