LifeNight wrap-up: January 24th


Greetings everyone! 

This week at LifeNight we opened up by playing a game that was all about finding your "twin" we then had to introduce one another to the group based on the items that we were forced to swap. 

Pretty much everyone traded their cell!

We then had an AMAZING discussion after watching Father Mike's video "Will I Ever Find the ONE?" Check out the video! It is an amazing video about WHO your one really is. 

Below are the discussion questions and video from Father Mike! 
God bless and see you next week! 

1- Do you/did you/ever thought of- this idea of THE ONE?! Why?
2- Paradox of Choice- What do you think about this? Has this happened in your own life?
3- Marriage is the place where you go to die- thoughts?
4- Jesus= THE ONE What does this mean to you?