LifeNight Wrap-up: February 21st

Greetings everyone! 

This week at LifeNight we opened up by praying Psalm 88, and creating our own "ending" to the Psalm. 

We then tried to meditate. BUT the lady in the video had a crazy weird voice so we were unable to NOT laugh. It was awesome. 

Afterwards we watched a video by a Life Coach: David Hussey called  "Why some advice doesn't work for you....yet!" While the video stemmed from a different video he made about some dating advice this one delved into if we don't care for ourselves we can't BE our best selves. It reminded us that this season of Lent is an opportunity for deeper relationship with God AND self-care. 

Lent is when we recognize the ways that we let different things get in the way with our relationship with God, and we remove those things for 40 days. We talked  about the 40 Day challenge for lent where you give up, do, and work on one sin for the 40 days. This is also the time to make sure that we are also taking time for ourselves. "Self- care is not selfish. You cannot serve from and empty vessel." Lent is when you take time for God, AND yourself!

We also discussed about our character, virtues, and personality and how Lent is also the perfect time to really work out our character.  Below are the prayer sheet from Psalm 88, and our discussion sheet. Here is the Lent 2018 Challenge.

God bless! Veronica