LifeNight Wrap-up! 9/26

Last night was our FIRST LifeNight of the year! It was great getting to meet everyone AND get some amazing cupcakes! For our first LifeNight we learned about who Pier Giorgio Frassati was- we watched a great video about getting to know him and then entered into some small group time where we went over these questions:

- If you had to describe what/who a Saint was... how would you?
- What Saint do you most identify with? Don't have one that you identify with? Why?
-Frassati often said that he wanted to "Live, not exsist." He wanted to live in a full way, because he knew that God made us to go to the top. What do you think about that?
- Frassati lived his life in surrender. Surrendering to his family. Surrendering to God.  What does it mean to you to surrender How do you surrender to God in your life?