Escape Room in a BOX: Wrap-up!


On Sunday Night we had our monthly Extravaganza- right in the Frassati Room! We did an Escape Room in a BOX! Teams were given a suitcase and we gathered together to hear of the last will and testament of your uncle Lester Milton, legendary game inventor and eccentric millionaire. As you walked into the room, a lawyer informs you that the reading of will begins in one hour, any addendums to the will must be submitted before then. He then handed us a letter and a locked case. The final conclusion to the division of his estate was as odd as the man himself.


We had fours teams and each one solved their Box, and got their piece of the fortune! However a team of BSM boys solved it first! Shout-out to Anders, Alex, and Tommy! It was tons of fun, and we already can’t wait to do another one!

Huge shout-out to Tony and Alex Ducklow who made it all happen! Check out more about them and their company here!